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How to convert and burn ASF files to DVD?

Do you have a lot of ASF files? Do you want to save them in a DVD as a backup? You can use Super DVD Creator to do the task in a few clicks right Now!

ASF files are very popular on internet. You maybe have a lot of these video files, To convert and burn the ASF files in a DVD is a very good idea for saving you hard disk space. Please download and install your Super DVD Creator. Open it and fellow these steps:

Step 1

Please click "Video Disk Creator" on left Panel as below:


Step 2

Please Choose "DVD" format and click "Ok" as below:


or if you want to convert the files to SVCD or VCD file format, please choose SVCD or VCD.

Step 3

Then you will see the Create Center as below:


Step 4

Please click the "Add file" Icon to add a ASF file to your DVD as below:


Step 5

If you don't like the ASF file, please choose the clip, then click the "Delete the clip" to delete the file form your file list as below:


Step 6

If you want to adjust the sequence of the ASF files, please choose a file and click "Move up" or "Move down" button to adjust.


Step 7

When all ASF files are ready, please click "Convert and Burn" button as below:


Then Super DVD Creator will automatically convert all ASF files in the file list to the DVD file format, and burn them in a DVD. Super DVD Creator will finish the convert and burn task in a few minutes.

Super DVD Creator will do everything for you, you just need pick up the perfect DVD from your DVD-Writer.