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How to Open Cue Files?

CUE file is a kind of text file that defines the way tracks are organized on compact discs and super-audio CDs (SACDs). For example, a CUE file may contain the song name, performer, and length of each track on the disc. CUE files are written in a standard format and therefore are recognized by most CD playback and editing programs.

Open CUE files using Daemon Tools

Install Daemon Tools and reboot. After reboot a small icon should be appear in the TrayBar as it showed on the picture.


Click on this icon with left mouse's button and there will appear a popup window with available VIRTUAL drives. Refer to the picture, it is available empty virtual drive I:


Select any drive you want (it could be not empty) and there will appear a file selection dialog asking you to provide a image file (for example cd.cue) to use it and emulate a CDROM. Browse and select CD.CUE file like it showed on the image and click 'Open'.


Now the image is connected to virtual drive and you can explore a disk like it is loaded into cdrom.


Open CUE fils using MagicISO

  1. Download, intall, and run Magic ISO.

  2. Click 1 button on toolbar

  3. Choose CUE file and click Ok to open.

  4. Drag files or folders from Windows Explorer to ISO file panel or Folder panel. or click 2 or 3 button for adding files or folders.

  5. Click 4 to create new folder

  6. Click 5 to edit properties of CUE file.

  7. Click 6 to rename file or folder.

  8. Click 7 to remove files or folders away from CUE file.

  9. After complete to add and edit CUE file, click 8 button to save file, or click 9 button to save with new file.