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How to convert DMG file to ISO image?

Most .dmg files are compressed and must be expanded before burning to CD/DVD. The expansion process is popularly called "convert to ISO." Acturally, you can convert DMG file to ISO image with the help of MagicISO. The following instructions will show you the process of conversion.


Step 1

Download MagicISO and install it on your computer. Then, run MagicISO.

Step 2

Click 1 to open DMG files.


Step 3

Click 3 to open Properties Dialogue.

Step 4

Uncheck Apple HFS and Apple HFS+.


Step 5

Check ISO 9660, Joliet, and UDF.


Step 6

Click OK.

Step 7

Click 6 to save as to ISO image, or click 7 to burn to CD/DVD without saving.