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DO File

Web-based java program run by a Web server such as IBM WebSphere.

The DO file is primarily associated with Oracle Application Server by Oracle Corporation. The .do extension is strictly for JavaServer Pages using the struts framework. It tells the Application Server to find a config file which calls the proper action class to process the form.

Do file format is used to generate dynamic Web pages. Content of DO files can edit a JSP web developer. Results can be viewed by common web browser.

DO file also refers to:

1 Digital Line Graph optional vector data - The DO file is a Digital Line Graph (DLG) file which is digital vector data representing cartographic information. DLGs contain a wide variety of information depicting geographic features (for example, hypsography, hydrography, boundaries, roads, utility lines, etc).

2 Stata batch analysis file - The DO file is analysis file used by Stata, a complete, integrated statistical package that provides everything you need for data analysis, data management, and graphics.

Some webinar programs may generate DO files that are formatted as .VCS files. Changing the file extension to “.vcs” may allow these files to be imported into various scheduling programs.

Open Do File on Windows

Open Do File on Mac

  • Run with a Web server that supports JSP

  • View in a Web browser

Stata’s Do-file Editor for Windows has been completely rewritten, making programming tasks simpler than ever.

Download Stata from HERE.


New Features


Clicking on the Do-file Editor button is equivalent to typing doedit.

Doedit, typed by itself, invokes the Editor with an empty document. If you specify filename, that file is displayed in the Editor.

You may have more than one Do-file Editor open at once. Each time you submit the doedit command, a new window will be opened.