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How to convert an ASP application to an EXE executable file?

Do you need to convert your asp application to an exe executable file so you could do the following?

  • Burn your asp application into a cd and simply run it from the cd.

  • Allow your client to use the application without revealing the source code.

  • Backup and distribute the old asp application to run from the user’s desktop rather than from a server.

A neat software AspToEXE can help you convert asp to exe.

Some simple steps:

  1. Download the software AspToEXE.

  2. After download, launch the installer. Once complete, you should see a screen just like below.


  1. To import your asp project, click on the Import from Folder function. Specify the location of your ASP application and it will import your asp application into this AspToEXE software.

  2. Now you’re ready to compile your ASP project. Go to File > Compile or press Ctrl + E.

  3. Specify the location for the exe to be created and fill in company and copyright information.

  4. Once ready, click on the Export button.

Your ASP Project has just been exported to an executable file. Go to the folder where it is exported. You should see a folder like the following: