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How to Open JPEG Files?

The JPEG or JPG file extension represents a standard type of digital image file. These image files are compressed to save space on a hard drive, but are also of a very high visual quality. If you want to open a JPEG file on your computer, you don't need to download a program. Your operating system already comes with a program that will allow you to open these files.

aLocate the JPEG image file you'd like to open. JPEG files can have both a .jpeg and .jpg file extension. If you do not already know the location of the file on your computer, you can locate it quickly by clicking on Start and then Search.


bRight-click the JPEG file.

c Click Open With>>>Choose Program....


d Click on the name of the program you'd like to use to open your JPEG image file. If you just want to view the image file, click on Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.


If you'd like to both view and edit your image, click on Paint.