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How to convert MPG to TS?

In this guide, an explanation of how to convert MPG to TS extension file is given. RER Video Converter offers you the easiest and best solution to convert MPG to TS format. Four steps below tell you how to use MPG to TS Converter easily and fast.


Step 1-MPG to TS Converter free download

Click here to free download RER Video Converter. Launch the r-video-converter.exe file and follow the installation wizard instructions. All decoders and encoders are built in. Once you download and install RER Video Converter software, all supported formats can be converted without downloading any more codec. Run RER Video Converter.

Step 2-Load your MPG video file for converting MPG to TS

Click the upper Browse... button to select your MPG file you would like to convert.

Browse for the necessary MPG file in the opened Windows Explorer Window. Click Open button next to the filename of the Windows Explorer Window to load MPG extension file to MPG to TS Converter shareware. Make sure before clicking you have selected an MPG video file you want to convert.

You may also click + button or use drag-and-drop to add multiple MPG files.


Step 3-MPG to TS conversion parameters

Click MORE button and select the list TO TS placed along on the top of the interface. It means you want to convert MPG files you have selected to the container TS formats.


Click the drop-down list next to TS profile, you can select a preset profile for the output TS video MPEG2 codec.

Click Edit... button to set more details, if you want to customize the parameters of your selected profile.


Step 4-Convert MPG to TS now

Hit the big button of Convert, when you have finished the steps above. Then the MPG to TS converter shareware will start converting MPG movie to TS video. Now you've learned the whole thing on how to convert MPG to TS!


And the processing bar will show you how fast and where the MPG to TS conversion process is experiencing.