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How to download NDS game into R4 Revolution?

If you want to have a free game download, the following instructions will show you how to do it. This guide is about how to download NDS game into R4 Revolution.


Step 1

Search for the NDS rom torrent download either in Google.com or Yahoo.com as your preference.

Step 2

Download NDS rom using bit torrent software. You can try Deluge or Azureus.

Step 3

Normally you will download .rar file and each .rar represent one NDS game. It’s depend on the torrent that you have download.


Step 4

Open your Windows Explorer.

Step 5

Right click and extract your .rar file. Make sure your have Winrar, 7Zip or any related software for unzip purpose.


Step 6

Connect your R4 Revolution Micro SD memory card into PC MicroSD connector and connect to your computer USB drive. For example, I have drive H: connected as below:


Step 7

Copy Nintendo DS game file extension .nds into your Micro SD memory card.



Step 8

Safely remove your Micro SD Memory Card and connect your R4 into Nintendo DS.

Step 9

Turn on your Nintendo DS and choose your new game.

Step 10

Congratulations! You’re done.