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How to play images as a slideshow without PowerPoint?

PowerPoint Slide Shows can contain images and sounds that File Juicer can extract as ordinary image and sound files. You can use Microsoft Office or Apple's iWork to open these files, but in most cases the slideshow is a collection of interesting images collected via email and on the web. If so, it is more flexible to extract the images and show them with iPhoto or Preview.

To do this, you drop the .PPS file on File Juicer and it will extract the images and save them in a folder ready for viewing, emailing, being imported into iPhoto.

To play images as a slideshow without powerpoint, you can follow the instructions below.


Step 1

Select the images by clicking down the mouse and dragging over the images you want to play as a slide show. You can also select each image one at a time if you hold down the shift key.


Step 2

Open the Gear menu and pick Slideshow.


Step 3

You can control how the slide show is presented at the bottom of the screen.