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How to view PPS files?

A document with the extension ".PPS" is a finalized Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. These files are typically slide shows shared between friends via email. If you do not have PowerPoint installed on your computer, you can still view the slide show by downloading Microsoft's free viewer. You cannot edit these finalized presentations.


Step 1

Boot up your computer. Go to Start, and then All Programs. Locate the PowerPoint Viewer 2007 program, which is required to view .PPS documents. Proceed to Step 5 if the free viewer is installed on your computer, or proceed to Step 2 to download it if it is not.


Step 2

Click on your Internet browser icon to open. Type http://microsoft-powerpoint-viewer.en.softonic.com/ in the URL bar.

Step 3

Note the green Download button; click on the button to download the free PowerPoint Viewer. Save it to your hard drive.


Step 4

Double-click the PowerPointViewer.exe program file to begin installation of the PowerPoint Viewer. Follow the directions on the screen to complete the installation.

Step 5

Locate the .PPS file on your hard drive and double-click on its icon to open and view the presentation.