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How to open RA files?

RA file is an audio file used by RealPlayer. It is an audio and video streaming program which may reference a streaming audio file online or may contain audio data. It can use various codecs to compress audio with variable bit rates. Real Audio is a common format for playing audio clips within a Web browser. You can use Real Player to open RA files.

Step 1

Choose the classic Real Player if you want to open RA files fast and easily.


Step 2

Download Real Player. Do not forget to download the application version compatible with your Operating System.

Download Real Player

Step 3

Install Real Player on your computer.

Step 4

Right click the RA file. Choose Open With.

Step 5

Go to Choose Program... from a List. Click it.


Step 6

Choose Real Player. Do not forget to check the box indicating Always use the selected program to open this kind of file. Doing this will automatically open all the RA files using Real Player. Click OK.