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How to play RA files on MediaMonkey?

You are listening to some music with MediaMonkey, but you may find some Real audio files can't be played. There is a way to play, convert, or manage Real audio files in MediaMonkey. Please see the solution.

Step 1

Download Tara Audio Video Plugin for MediaMonkey and install the .exe program.


Step 2

When installing the plugin, select the directory of Mediamonkey to install Tara Audio Video Plugin.


Step 3

Make sure tara.ini is in the directory: /Program Files/MediaMonkey/.


Step 4

Make sure in_tara.dll is in the directory: /Program Files/MediaMonkey/Plugins.


Step 5

The following Read Audio/Video file types, RAM;RMM;RA;RNX;RMX;RV;RM;RMJ;RPM;RT;SMI;SMIL, are supported by default.

Step 6

Now you can play Real Audio on MediaMonkey successfully.