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How to convert RMVB file to AVI format?

There are a huge number of different types of video files available on the Internet that each use a different compression routine to cut down on the file sizes. Unfortunately, not all of the file types can be viewed by all the various video playback programs or burned to a CD. If you have a file in the little-used RMVB extension and want to convert it to the more widely known AVI file format, you can try EO Video to do it.

Step 1 - Preparing

Dowload and install EO Video.


Open up EO Video.

First, click on File and go to Extension Manager.


A screen will pop up..


Next, find Real Media.


Go to its extension and click on it, then type ",rmvb" ("remember to add a comma before it").

After, press close. (Now you can use RMVB files!)

Find your RMVB file and drag it to the Playlist section.


Step 2 - Converting

Click on the Converter button in the lower left-hand corner, beside Player and Joiner.


If you are not on the profile page, click on the Profile button.


Choose your output format as AVI.

Next, change the options to whatever you like in the VIDEO and AUDIO box. You can also leave as it is.


Step 3 - Output

Now click on the Output button.


If you have more than one file in your playlist, chose either joining the two files into one new AVI file when its done converting or just have them separately by choosing "convert each Playlist item into separate output file". Or you can choose the split option using the file's time or size.

After choose the file destaination folder and it's output name.


Step 4 - Convert

Finally click on the Convert button.


Check that you are converting the right file and press the Start button.