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How to convert RMVB to MKV files?

Real Media video file compressed using a variable bit rate, which is optimized for the content of the video. With so many types of video and audio files out there, sometimes we find it is troublesome to tell their difference and judge which player we should have to play them. And it’s all too easy to get messed up and even confused. Rmvb video converter is able to convert rmvb file in whatever popular video format so that you can easily play, edit or share it with much more freedom.

Convert RMVB to MKV on Windows

RMVB Video Converter saves you lot of trouble looking for codecs and installing player to play rmvb file. Just don’t let your precious time wasted in painfully searching. It is a good choice to manage your multimedia life.

Step 1-Download and install RMVB Video Converter

Download RMVB Video Converter and install it on your computer.


Step 2-Run RMVB Video Converter and Load RMVB file

You can load a full list of rmvb files as you like, the batch mode support to convert a lot of video file within minimum time.

Note: You can instruct the output path for the converted file in this step. On the bottom of the panel you will notice there is an Output field with a small folder icon click it, just select a location in the pull down list to store the resulted file.


Step 3-Convert RMVB file

Please first appoint an output video/audio format for the RMVB file. Open the drop down list next the Profile. There are in many different formats, just take your time to get the right one.

After all the work above is done, you are now ready to convert the video. Hit Start, the conversion will be carried out immediately.

Step 4. Video Edit (Optional step)

a. Setting

If you don’t like the default settings you can customize it by clicking Setting to tune the numbers for video and audio.


b. Crop

If you think the black sides appear in the frame is unnecessary, you can use Crop to remove them easily. The easiest way is to drag white dotted line to specify the area you want to remove.


c. Trim

Sometimes, you just need a small part within the video clip to be converted. While Trim allows you to get the desired part out and converted to your preferred format.


Convert RMVB to MKV on Mac OS

RMVB to DV converter for Mac includes a magic codec pack for encoding and decoding all kinds of RMVB file (vide/audio). That’s to say, a file in RMVB file extension can be easily converted to DV and many other format. Rmvb converter to DV supports only rip audio from RMVB video and can convert audio to mp3, flac, aac,etc as well.

Step 1-Download RMVB to DV converter for Mac

Download RMVB to DV converter for Mac and intall it on your computer.


Step 2-Import RMVB files

Load the RMVB files from your local hard disk to RMVB Converter for Mac.


Step 3-Export to DV format

Select the DV as output video format from the profile drop down menu, set the video and audio parameters by click Settings button next to profile box.


Step 4-Video Editing

You can make simple change for RMVB video, like trimming, cropping, adding effects.


Step 5-Convert RMVB to DV

Hit Convert button, you’ll get the new DV files once it completes the progress of converting RMVB to DV.