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How to burn AVI & SRT files on DVD?

When you download and watch a subtitled video on your computer, you may notice that there are two files involved. One is the .avi file, which contains the video. The second file is the subtitle file with the .srt extension. If you want to watch the video on an external player, you can encode both files into a standard DVD format.

Things you will need: Avi2DVD.

Step 1

Open Avi2DVD. Select the radio button marked Avi Mode.


Step 2

Click Load avi/ogm/mkv/wmv under the Step 1 Input tab. Browse to the directory containing your AVI file and select it. It will load with certain information about the file, including the aspect ratio.


Step 3

Click on the Step 2 Output tab and select DVD or SVCD. Make sure the aspect ratio matches the aspect ratio displayed under the Step 1 Input tab. You can customize the audio bitrate and set chapter length. Click on the folder icon to select an output location for your DVD files.


Step 4

Use the default values found under the Step 3 Encoders tab.


Step 5

Click on the tab marked Step 4 Subtitles. Click the button marked Subtitle 1 and navigate to the directory where your SRT file is stored. Select it to add it to your DVD. You can customize the font and size in the Options box on this tab.


Step 6

Click the Add Job button to add this conversion job to your queue. Click the GO button to begin converting your files. When it finishes converting, you will have folders named "VIDEO_TS" and "AUDIO_TS"; these are your DVD files, and they can now be burned to a blank DVD.