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How to convert WMA files into MP3 on Mac?

Many kinds of audio files can be used to play music or sound effects, but not all of them work with the same audio playback programs. The WMA "Lossless" file type is the same as any standard WMA file, except that it has been compressed even further into a smaller file size with a codec called "Lossless." If you have a program that will play MP3s but not WMA Lossless files, you can use an audio-conversion tool to convert the file into the MP3 format.


Convert using Switch

Step 1

Download Swith from the Link here.

Step 2

Install it on your computer and launch it. You will see:


Step 3

If you have a folder full of music, click on Add Folder, then select the individual files that are in the appropriate input format. Then click on Browse Folder... to pick the output directory, specify the audio output format from the long list, and click on Convert:


That's all there is to it.


Convert using All2MP3

Step 1-Download All 2 MP3

Download All2MP3.

Step 2-Install All 2 MP3

Double-click the All 2 MP3 zip file to get a .mpkg installer file.


Unlike normal applications, you cannot just drag-drop the app to Applications folder to install it.

Double click it to begin the installation. You will have to click continue a couple of times, then click Agree.


Then click Install and enter your Mac OS X login password. Once setup is done, you will be presented with a confirmation like below:


Step 3-WMA to MP3 conversion

Double click the All 2 MP3 icon from Applications to start it.


Drag and drop your WMA files (it can convert multiple files at once) to the All 2 MP3 window.


Step 4-Settings for WMA conversion

Choose bit rate for your song – depending on the quality you require and also the original file bit rate. If your original file is, say, 256 Kbps, do not select a higher bit rate than that.


Hit All2MP3 button to begin the conversion. Once conversion is done, a confirmation will be shown. The converted .mp3 files will be in the same location as the original .wma files.