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How to open BIN files?

A binary file is a computer file which may contain any type of data, encoded in binary. Bin files are unique types of files that are not easily opened. Bin files are accessed by burning them onto a CD or DVD or they are accessed using CD or DVD emulating software.

The following is a step by step guide on how to access bin files on the computer.

Things Needed

  • A computer

  • An internet connection

  • CD/DVD burning software

  • CD or DVD burner drive

  • CD/DVD emulating software

  • Blank CD or DVD

How to Open a Bin File by Burning it onto a CD or DVD

Decide whether to burn the Bin file onto a CD or DVD or to download and use software that allows the Bin file to be recognized by the computer as a CD or DVD. A Bin file can only be burned onto a blank CD or DVD.

Using Nero

If burning the Bin file onto a CD or DVD, use Nero or a similar program. If using Nero:

Download Nero and install it on the computer.

Go to the Recorder Menu in top bar, and choose Burn Image.



Using NeroSmart Start:


Choose Copy and Backup, Burn Images to Disc.

Then you will need to change type of file. Picture below shows you what you are looking for.


Then all you have to do is select the CUE file (not the bin). Nero will do the rest for you.

How to Open a Bin File by Using Emulation Software

If using virtual CD/DVD software, download it form the internet. Some popular virtual CD/DVD software are Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120%.

Using Daemon Tools

If you do not have Daemon Tools (Free), get it.

Daemon tools is to run things, not to burn them. It allows you to create a "Virtual Drive" and run the programs from there.

It supports, cue/bin, iso, nrg (Nero), ccd (CloneCD) and more.

WIth Daemon tools you can "mount" a image file and extract whatever files you wish from it, or you can run the "image" as if it were the actual cd/dvd.

Right-click on the DAEMON Tools trayicon


Select Virtual CD/DVD-ROM


Select Device [0:]


If there is no Device [0:] option, just go to Set Number of Devices and raise it to 1.

Click Mount

Browse and select the image you wish to mount, for either extraction of playing. Click OK/double-click on the file to mount.

Using Alcohol 120%

If you are using Alcohol 120%, download Alcohol 120% and install it on your computer.

1 Run Alcohol 120%.

2 Select "Virtual Drive" in the "Options" menu on the left side of the screen. Then click "OK." Alcohol 120 will create a virtual CD/DVD drive on the computer's hard drive.


3 Click "Image Finder" on the menu on the left side of the screen.


4 Check "Cue-Sheets Image File" in the Image Finder window and click "Search."


5 Right-click the appropriate BIN/CUE file in the Image Finder window and select "Add selected files to Alcohol 120."


6 Right-click the BIN/CUE file in the Alcohol 120 main window and select "Mount on Device" and the virtual drive. There should only be one option if only one virtual drive was created.

7 Close Alcohol 120, and then select "Start" and "My Computer" from the Windows Start menu.

8 Double-click on the virtual drive in the "My Computer" window. This should play the media.

Besides, you can also try the following steps to play BIN file with Alcohol 120%.

This program has a simple wizard user interface, that should enable you to select the proper settings for various protected CDs.

Click the Second Button to start the Image Burning Wizard.


Click on Browse button find the image you wish to burn and select it.


The only other setting you would ever need to fool with is the datatype.


Here you can set what kind of cd you want. If your not sure, leave it alone. Click Start.

Accessing a Bin file is relatively easy. The two ways to access a Bin file are either through burning it onto a CD/DVD using Nero or another CD/DVD burning program or by creating a virtual CD/DVD using an emulator such as Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120%. These methods can also be used to access Cue files and ISO files.