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How to change a CSO file to ISO format?

CSO stands for "Compressed ISO." It is a format used by the game console Portable Sony Playstation, or the PSP. This format is simply a compressed CD image. In order to use this format on your computer, you'll have to decompress the format into "regular" ISO, so that it can be used by a program that can run the ISO format.


Step 1

Visit a website that has a PSP Compressor available for download.

Step 2

Download the program and open it.


Step 3

Click on the button with the three dots on it ("...") next to the box labelled "Input File(s)." Find your CSO file and double-click on it.


Step 4

Click on the circle on the left next to the text that reads "Uncompress CSO-ISO."


Step 5

Then click "Compress" at the bottom of the program to begin the conversion.