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A “torrent” or a “bit torrent” is a type of meta-data which facilitates peer-to-peer file sharing.

Torrent or BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file-distribution protocol that lets you download large files without putting too much strain on one single server, because the download is distributed.

Although frequently referred to as "downloading", the BitTorrent protocol relies on all users to be recipients and distributors of .torrent files. While you download a BitTorrent archive to your computer, you are also helping to distribute it to other users. It is not possible to download without uploading, although you can of course set restrictions on bandwidth usage.

Torrent files are basically BitTorrent's equivalent to ed2k links used in eDonkey network. In essence, .torrent files include instructions for BitTorrent -compatible P2P clients where to find the "tracker" for the downloaded file, hashed checksum that verifies for the client that it is actually downloading the correct file, the full size of the file and the filename of the file.

So, essentially .torrent files are very, very small files that simply contain some textual data about the file itself. Thus, downloading the torrent file itself takes only matter of seconds, if not milliseconds, but it is not the file that is downloaded from the P2P network. Instead, .torrent files are typically hosted on just standard web servers and can be even passed via email. But in a computer with a BitTorrent -compatible client installed in it, launching a .torrent file typically starts a process where the BitTorrent -compatible client first contacts the tracker described in the .torrent file, and if the tracker server is found and "seeds" (people sharing the file in question) are available, launches a download process of the file described in the .torrent file.

Nowadays, more and more people like downloading free movies, TV shows or videos from Internet, and torrent becomes the best way to get them, being totally free and without any viruses. People can easily get torrent movies, TV shows or videos with a P2P client such as BitTorrent, uTorrent, Vuze, LimeWire, eMule, Ares, BitComet and FrostWire. But these torrent files free downloaded usually take too much space on your computer. In this circumstance, to burn torrent files to DVD becomes a good way to make eternal storage of them. Besides, you can play torrent movies, TV shows or videos on DVD player freely.

It is easy to burn torrent to DVD on Mac OSX. Things you need are a Torrent to DVD Converter for Mac and a blank or rewritable disc. For the Torrent to DVD Converter, you can use Daniusoft DVD Creator for Mac which can help you burn torrent files to DVD on Mac easily. For the disc, either D5 or D9 is OK, depending on your file size.

Download Daniusoft DVD Creator for Mac

Below is the step by step guide on how to burn torrent to DVD on Mac OS X.

Step 1-Load files

Just click + button to import the free torrent files to this program or simply drag and drop them to it. And rearrange the file list by using the up-down arrows.


Tips: You can freely drag and drop the thumbnail to merge or split the video files.

Step 2-Edit files (Optional)

To personalize your DVD files, you can edit the video files and slideshows as well by clicking Edit button. For video files, you can crop the frame size, trim into several clips, append effects, add picture/text watermark and rotate.


Step 3-Create DVD Menu (Optional)

This Mac DVD Creator also allows you to create your own DVD menu with rich selections of DVD menu template. Simply click Menu button to select one and set the Frame, Button and Text to customize your DVD menu.


Step 4-Start to burn

After all necessary settings, you need to insert a blank or rewritable disc to your Mac if you want to burn video files on DVD disc. Or you can simply convert torrent movies to DVD folder, .dvdmedia or ISO file on your Mac for later burning.

Downloading torrents is a high-speed way to get music, movies and other files from a network of users. A torrent file can be thought of as a bookmark to a file that is stored on the hard drives of many users around the globe. When you open a torrent file, you begin downloading different parts of the file from everyone who is sharing it. When you begin to download the file, another user will start to download pieces of the file from your computer. Torrents are a great way to download music, movies and whatever else you want from the net.

To open torrent files you need to download software called a torrent client. A torrent client uses the information contained in a torrent file to upload and download free music, movies and software. Learn how to open torrent files uses BitTorrent client software.


Things you will need:

  • A torrent client software application such as BitTorrent, Utorrent, or Vuze (formerly called Azureus).

  • A website where you can Download a .torrent file.

Step 1

Download a torrent client application such as uTorrent or BitTorrent. See the link above.


Step 2

Run the BitTorrent installer by opening the file you just downloaded. The installer will prompt you to select next, agree to the terms of use, and specify the location where BitTorrent will be installed.


Step 3

Once the application is installed, find the .torrent file you wish to download at one of the popular torrent sites.


Step 4

Use the search engine to find a particular .torrent file, or browse through the categories. When you find what you want, click on the file name. A window will pop up asking you what application to use to open this file. If your BitTorrent installation was successful, BitTorrent should be selected in the drop down window as the default application to open .torrent files. Select YES to open the file and launch BitTorrent.



Step 5

Add your TORRENT files to the list and open them by clicking File>>Add Torrent.


The explosion of peer to peer file sharing has reached so many. Still, there are those who aren’t sure how to get started. For those who want to “get in” but do not know how, we created this simple step-by-step guide to make joining the “torrent revolution” a breeze.

Torrents are the best way to share files. It works on peer to peer file sharing protocol. A torrent is actually a small file with extension .torrent which contains information about the tracker and where the file is located. To download a torrent file you need a torrent client like utorrent, bittorrent.

Before you start creating a torrent, you will need two things:

  • Torrent builder : In this case you are using utorrent.

  • Torrent tracker: You can get the tracker address from the website for which you are creating torrent.

Step 1

Download utorrent from this Link.

Step 2

Install utorrent and open it.

Step 3

Either click on ctrl+N or navigate to File>Create new torrent under utorrent.


Step 4

Now you have to decide what are you going to upload. In this case you will be sharing a directory which contains 2 files. Browse the directory and now open your torrent website where you want to upload the torrent.

Step 5

You need to find the tracker address :

Open the home page of the torrent website and at the bottom of the page you will see the current tracker address. If you have trouble finding it you can take help of help forums else drop a comment there and we will help you.

Check the screen-shot for bwtorrents tracker :


and here are the some popular trackers that you can use for public torrent websites:


By now you have added your tracker address. If you still have confusion read this : Private torrent website use there own torrent tracker whereas public torrent website may allow you to use their own tracker or generic one which was mentioned above.


Step 6

Now there are two options: Start seeding and private torrent.

Start Seeding option:

In some private torrent website you first need to upload the torrent and then download the torrent from there and then seed (upload) the file. So its better if you make it a habit for every website.

Private torrent option:

Private torrent option if checked disables DHT that means in case if the tracker is down it use the other means to exchange peers. This should be checked only if you are creating torrent for public torrent and unchecked if you are creating for private torrent because private torrent needs to keep a track of your download and upload ratio. So better leave it unchecked.

Click on create and save as. This will save the torrent file and also give a meaningful name to the torrent you are creating.

Step 7

Open your favorite torrent website and go to the right category and click on upload torrent and give all the details you can provide there. If you are uploading movies or some video do provide them with few Screen-shots.

Step 8

Once done download the torrent file and open it using your client.

Step 9

Open then downloaded torrent file and in the location navigate it to the folder you used to create the torrent file:


You will see a screen shot like this after that it shows that you have finished downloading the file (100%) and now you are seeding.


Within a minute it will show connected and congratulation now you have become a seeder.